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What Are The Symptoms Of A Full Septic Tank

Many modern homes in urban and suburban areas have a septic tank. Once it is installed, many people do not even remember it is there and they ignore it. However, it is very important to ensure that you carefully monitor the condition of your septic tank. This is because when it fills up without your knowledge, there will be a bad stench in your house that will eventually become unbearable.

The following content will help us determine what are the symptoms of a full septic tank. Continue reading for an additional knowledge. You can also check these professionals to help you with septic tank services –

What are the symptoms of a full septic tank?

As mentioned above, it is important that you keep a close eye on your septic tank to ensure that it does not fill and begin to overflow. You may be wondering how it is possible to tell whether your septic tank is almost filled. Here are some of the symptoms of a full septic tank that should compel you to have it emptied immediately:

  •  An unusually green lawn

Many people think that the patch of grass over the septic tank should be greener than the other grass in the lawn. This is however not true, as the grass should all look the same. When you begin to notice that the grass above and around the septic tank is too healthy and green compared to the other grass, it is important to inspect the septic tank. This could either indicate that your septic tank is full or it is leaking and should be repaired.

  •  Pools of water in the drain field of the septic tank

When there is rain, it is normal that you will see pools of water on your lawn. However, when it has not rained and you notice pools of water in the drain field of the septic tank, this indicates that the septic tank is full. When the septic tank fills up, the solids are no longer allowed in and they, therefore, block the drainage systems. This, in turn, leads the liquid to filter out from the soil and form pools on the ground.

  •  Odors

All the drainage water from the house is directed to the septic tank. When all the water from the kitchen bathroom and even toilet are combined together, a very bad odor is emitted. When you begin to get a whiff of bad odor in your lawn, this may be an indication that your septic tank is full and requires to be emptied.

  •  Slow drainage

With time, you may begin to notice that wastewater takes a long time to drain even after you have cleaned the drainage system. This is a serious indication that your septic tank is full and you need to empty it.

All wastewater in modern homes is usually directed to a central septic tank. Most of the septic tanks are constructed in a way that they can hold a lot of wastes for a particular period of time. This, therefore, means that after some time, the septic tank will be filled and when this happens, it has to be emptied. It is not hard to know when your septic tank is full or almost full. The guide above helps you to know some of the symptoms of a full septic tank so that you are able to know if it is time to have your septic tank emptied.


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