Septic Tank Septic Tank Maintenance

What is a Septic tank? How does it work?

Usually, underground, septic tanks allow the correct collection and decomposition of sewage material. The decomposition is carried out via bacterial activity and is then, drained through the process of soak away. Your septic tank should have a regular inspection to prevent big damage in the future. In regards with the septic tank inspection cost, it may vary from your location or how big the tank is.

Septic tanks help in the proper and efficient management of sewage waste. The sewage waste passes through the septic tank and watery waste (effluent) will be broken down by anaerobic bacteria. A layer sludge falls in the bottom of the pile whereas another layer of scum floats at the top. Inorganic solids and bacterial digestion by-products from the sludge whereas the scum contains greases, oils, and fats. A filter will help stop solid waste from passing through the outlet pipe and expedite the effluent flow to the drain.

The drain provides a huge area which contains bacteria, and allows treated water seepage into the gravel, through the holes in the drain field. Again, the gravel contains anaerobic bacteria which provides the complete decomposition of waste.

Finally, the clean water penetrates into groundwater and sinkhole.

Why do you need to look for a professional for your septic tank?

Now, coming to the main part of the article. A septic tank helps in sewage management but needs to properly installed. It contains bacteria and decomposed waste which needs to be handled with extreme care. If you have no prior experience with plumbing, then it is highly advised to hire a professional.

A professional will help in a variety of ways which DIY cannot offer, and as such it is better to opt for their services.

  • Fully Equipped – Professionals always have all the equipment and tools required to carry out the removal and replacement of tank. From shovels and saws to pipes and tractors they have it all. When you DIY, you may not have all the products to do it or you may run out of it.

Also, the materials are expensive. Why not hire professionals at one- time cost, worry- free?

  • Proper Installation and Establishment – Like mentioned before, the installation needs to be carried out perfectly without any faults as the entire process is delicate. When you hire a professional, you’ll never have to worry about wrong installation as they know the job very well. Be it pipe fitting, the creation of the drain area, everything is well taken care of! The best part? You will be assured high-quality work, quickly.
  • Extensive Knowledge and Experience – The entire process will be completely taken care of by the professionals. You’ll only need to ask them about updates and nothing more. For big and complex systems, accurate installation knowledge is mandatory. And for DIY cases, possessing all type of knowledge isn’t always possible.

Experience brings expertise too. Non- professionals usually don’t possess it.

As you can see, hiring professionals for your septic tank is the best way out. You will never have to worry about the correctness of the process, and the expense incurred will be worth it for the safety and efficiency.


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