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 Legal Activities performed by the Solicitors

Solicitor is a person, who deals with varied non-advocacy legal issues. Since one’s life can get saved by a solicitor’s efficiency, he needs to be an educated person. The qualifications and the professional regulations that these people should satisfy should include the following:

Educational Qualification

In order to become a solicitor, one needs to attain a law degree. Thereafter he should concentrate on the completion of the conversion course. In the United Kingdom this is considered to be a legal practice course. The solicitors also need to complete the job training, the duration of which is around 2 years.

Professional Guidelines

The Law society and the trade organization usually represent the solicitors and while practicing, these people have to pay their fees to this Law society. This is indeed a legal concept and needs to be followed in a proper way.

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Solicitors are basically the practicing lawyers, who manage a range of legal matters. Primarily these people were seen to operate in Ireland and United Kingdom and Ireland. In fact, in the U.K., practitioners can hold any one of these two titles- solicitor or barrister.

Major Duties

 A solicitor evaluates information that is relevant to the case, such as medical reports, personal statements given by the clients and applicable legal documents. Their duties also involve studies on authority reports and police. These people are also seen too write letters to their clients for updating the progress report. In fact, when required they talk to the solicitors of the opponent party and tries to settle down the matter in a mutual way. Beside this, solicitors fix appointments with barristers to discuss on the advocacy strategies and court proceedings.

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